Microfluidics can be defined as the field of science and technology which deals with fluids at the micro scale. It aims at studying the behavior of simple or complex fluids in microns sized canals. Since taking off as a field of its own in the 90’s it has enabled physicist, chemists and biologists to develop innovative applications such as microreactors, integrated sensors or cell manipulations platforms. Today, tens of thousands of researchers and engineers focus on this field while industry starts to increasingly rely on it. In fact, more than two hundred start-ups were created around it and more than 600 industrial companies report using it at one stage or another of their processes. Recognizing its transformative capabilities, the MIT technology review regularly highlights it as one of the « 10 emerging technology that will change the world ».

None withstanding its success at industrial transfer, Microfluidics remains a fast moving interdisciplinary scientific field. In 2004 a first microfludics summer school was organized in Cargese. It was followed by the creation of a GDR (groupe de recherche – http://www.gdrmicrofluidique.com) first headed by A. M. Gué and later by S. Descroix which counts more than 150 researcher throughout France. The GDR has organized two schools in 2010 and 2012 making the 2015 edition the 4th one to be held. This edition is mainly aimed at PhD students, Postdocs and early career researchers. The aim of the school is to provide both entry level and specialized masterclasses in hydrodynamics, microfabrication, cell biology or chemistry thus giving the students a thorough overview of the field. A number of lectures will be aimed at applications and transfer to industry.




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